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Rheology - Galenic stability

Particularly in the field of cosmetic products, but also in the case of paints, plasters or pastes, viscosity and flow behavior are important quality-determining product parameters. This can be influenced by microbiological influences as well as by recipe-related galenic factors.

To round off the assessment profile for such products, we have set up a rheology measuring station, with which numerous additional examinations can be carried out. These include

  • Measurement of product viscosity (according to Brookfield) as product parameter.
  • Observing the viscosity of products before and after a germ load test.
    Determination of the rheological properties of products. Measurement of intrinsic viscosity, yield point or non-linear viscosity phenomena.
  • Measurement of the rheological profile e.g. a cream after storage to detect any segregation phenomena.
  • Observing the galenic stability of products by repetitive rheological measurements during and after storage tests under defined conditions, e.g. with repeated temperature changes.
  • Such stability studies may also help to better understand microbiological sensitivities of products.
  • The rheological examinations are designed after consultation with the client to the respectively desired parameters.