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HPLC - High performance liquid chromatography

Modern high-pressure gradient technology with UV / VIS detection in a diode array detector is the heart of the HPLC system. Furthermore, the system is equipped with post column derivatization with reactor furnace, which extends the analytical possibilities to several important areas. Standard examinations include:

  • Concentration determination of common preservatives such as parabens, isothiazolones, Bronopol, IPBC, benzoate, sorbate, alcohols, u.v.m.
  • Determination of free formaldehyde from formaldehyde donors even in complex matrices by post-column derivatization.
  • Chemical stability tests on preservatives in product matrix.

With a broadband sample preparation technique simple as well as complex systems can be investigated. Typical systems are e.g. Cosmetics (surfactant products, creams, lotions, wipes), paints and binders, cooling lubricant baths, PVC films and the like.