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Area of expertise and aim

Microbiological quality...


…of cosmetics and technical, hydrous products or systems, such as circulating waters or cooling lubricating emulsions is one of their most important properties, which is often taken for granted. Nonetheless, experience teaches that this is often difficult to achieve, especially given the many limitations that legal frameworks and product concepts that are brought about by consumer protection aims. Above all, products designed without preservatives or equipped with modern, "mild" preservation systems often have inefficiencies that require a particularly careful design and optimization of the protection system. Testing the efficiency of microbiological protection under the changing conditions of the respective product matrix is an important element in product development.

The Bio-Chemisches Laboratorium offers its services at this important interface. It brings with it over 30 years of experience in the field of conservation technology. A broad set of microbiological methods, coupled with analytical procedures for substance measurement and rheology, allows a comprehensive assessment of the microbiological and galenic stability profile of technical or cosmetic products or systems.

The aim of our work is to support our customers as a partner in conservation technology by providing advice and accompanying examinations of microbiological, chemical-analytical and physical nature, and to jointly achieve an optimization of product quality on this basis.



We always see collaboration with our customers as a dialogue. In trusting communication about the facts and required conditions of the tasks to be solved, problems can be narrowed down and solved on the basis of many years of practical experience while usually also being quite cost-effective. Our advice is independent of product programs of standard preservative suppliers. Discretion about product details entrusted to us represents a matter of course for us, which we can always document in a confidentiality Agreement.